Super Premium Cat food

Cats ate meat-eaters. That is why Techni-Cal cat food contains high amounts of animal protein. Techni-Cal cat food are state of the art products with superior consumer value. All ingredients are 100% natural oriented and nutritionally complete and balanced. This makes Techni-Cal products more tastefull and high digestable.

LIFESTAGES: maintenance food

Complete and balanced super premium pet food. For satisfying the true nutritional needs of every kitten, adult or senior cat.

SOLUTIONS: special care products

In formulating our diets, especially the Techni-Cal Special Care products, our objective is always to help resolve a failing body system, while still maintaining the optimal nutritional profile for all other body systems. All diets are formulated by nutritional experts, to prevent and/or bring solutions to common health issues in cats (for instance, obesity, adverse food reactions, osteoarthritis , urolithiasis, chronic renal failure).

FEELGOODS: healthy snacks

Techni-Cal FEELGOODS Crunchy Bites are super premium Cat snacks. Healthy, holistic and pure snacks of super premium quality. Techni-Cal Crunchy Bites are even complementary to  some SOLUTIONS diets.